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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  January 30, 2013 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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both their boys are in the r bowl. but who are the who has it better than us? nobody! >> both their boys are in the super bowl! but who are the harbaugh parents pulling for? their best case scenario. >> first someone traps their car then tried to burn down the house. >> and don't be fooled by the cute face. proof that house
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cats are really little killing machines! good evening. >> in the bay area -- >> reporter: at jackson square in new orleans! it is cold! temperatures have gone south . in fact the winds are so strong right now that the 49ers were forced to practice at the saints aeps indoor practice facility -- saints' indoor practice facility. the first practice lasted just 95 minutes and ended 15 minutes early. while they were at work, a couple other members of the harbaugh family took center stage. >> you're going to ask us how we feel on this historic event. who has it better than us? nobody! [ laughter ] >> reporter: what an appearance for jack and jacky harbaugh. >> good to see ya! >> reporter: in front of almost
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40 cameras, look at that, pro football's most famous parents now talking with what else? their super bowl-coaching son, jim and john. >> loose lips sink ships. and they both have subscribed to that philosophy. no one talks to anyone! jim is very quiet and guarded and john is very quiet and guarded. and that's exactly the way we wanted them? >> and so are we. >> reporter: jim called dad right after the nfc championship game. >> and he's going, dad! tell no what's going on! i'm getting on the airplane ! i don't know what's happening. i said, well -- they just fumbled! the patriots just fumbled! two plays later, touchdown pass to anquan bolden. and he says dad, do you recognize where this is headed? >> reporter: wednesday wasn't going to be a slow day. at this point, they did not say or they're not telling where they're sitting on sunday. but one thing is for sure: nobody's
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got it better than them. >> by the way, ken, back to you, somebody is going to lose that game on sunday! and last year when the 49ers lost to the raven, jack harbaugh, the father, went into jim harbaugh, the losing coach's locker room and found him alone in a room, slumped over a chair. so whoever loses this game, that's where the father's going to go. >> oh, my. all right, well, one room or the other! [ laughter ] chris cull iver-- culver is apologizing for saying he wouldn't welcome a gay team member in the locker room. >> i don't do the gay guys, man. no gay people on the team. they got to get up out of here. >> today he said "it has taken
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me seeing them, the words, in front to see they are hurtful and ugly." but will the fans be forgiving? >> there are guys like this on every single team. there is a culture that's out there that's slowly changing, and hopefully it'll change more. but i'm not going to let the statements of one player ruin the team, the organization. >> i'm sure everybody knows it's an individual comment, and not that of the '9ers. everyone is still going to support the '9ers 100%. it doesn't affect my feelings for the '9ers 1 bit. >> the team hasn't said whether he will face disciplinary action. one bay area family will not be going to sleep tonight, not after what has happened the last couple nights. someone is out to get this family! kit doe, what is going on! >> reporter: well, we actually woke the family up from an
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afternoon nap. they were resting up for what is shaping up to be a very long night. they're going to stay on guard, not going to sleep at all. i asked them if these vandals would try to pull something three nights in a row. they said they're not taking any chanceses. >> reporter: it all started monday when someone threw yellow paint on their car and slashed the tires. the second night, the vandals doused the front door with gas and set it on fire. tonight on glenwood avenue, they will be sleepless in san jose. >> paint first, fire second, what tonight? >> hopefully nothing! >> reporter: nicole and her dad didn't want to show their faces or use their last names. at 3:00 am, they heard a thump, and opened the door to a wall of flames. >> it's a very heavy door. >> reporter: the stucco and thick door kept the fire from spreading. >> i'm fearful for the health of my family. they seem to think nothing of starting a house fire, you know?
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and if we hadn't been aware of what was going on, we could have ended up with a house burned down. >> reporter: arson investigators say someone threw a fiery object at the door and poured gas on it. john and nicole will be up tonight, ready and waiting >> i'm not sure why you're target me or my family. i just wish you'd stop. you made your point. i don't know what i did or what my family did, but it distribute have to go this way. >> reporter: and with this most recent incident, it took san jose police a while to get here. they only have three officers working this beat. and so they will try to swing by tonight with some extra patrols. if anyone has information, give san jose police a call. the former owner of the san francisco house connected with
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the disappearance of kevin collins says he's shocked the property could be tied to the case. he owned the duplex in 1984 when kevin disappeared. he rented out the place but didn't know much about the tenants. only that they had lived there for about ten years and took care of it. investigators searched the house yesterday when an inspector looking at the cold case saw something that tickled his interest. they found bones but they appear to be from an animal. in dublin, there was a candlelight vigil and a march for eileen. she disappeared 20 years ago today. she was 13 at the time and on her way home from school >> we can't give up on here. i won't give up on my child. she may be soon turning 38. she's still my child . >> her parents have held this vigil every year since their daughter's specious. the economy took an urn expected turn. it shrank for the first time since the great
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recession. >> reporter: the headline may be disappointing, but the underlying economy was showing renewed strength at the end of last year. consumer spending, which drives 2/3 of the economy was up 2.2%. home building soared more than 15%. and it contributed to economic growth in 2012 for the first time in six years. only government spending cuts on defense caused overall economic growth to flat-line. >> the fiscal tightening is taking a toll. it took a toll on growth in 2012. it will take a toll again in 2013. >> reporter: but in the trade channels of the u.s. economy, the tide appears to be turning. >> i think it's getting better. things are definitely getting better. >> reporter: robert landry is
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chief commercial officer at portland of new orleans. >> do you think of the port as a leading indicator? >> we are. we see a lot of things before it hits the economy. when people are making decisions, they're making them months in afrd vance to get them -- in advance to get them on board a ship. we're seeing more steel coming in. >> reporter: imports are up double digits. cruise ship traffic also set a record in 2012. we're seeing a large amount of exports as well. >> the fed says the pause in economic growth was mostly because of weather-related disruptions. an emotional plea from former congresswoman gabrielle giffords. >> violence is a big problem. too many children are dying.
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too many children. >> she appeared before the senate judiciary committee which is holding the first hearings on gun control since the connecticut school massacre. congress is look at everything from universal background checks to a new assault weapons ban. after today's hearings, giffords and her husband met with the president at the white house. in newtown, connecticut, tonight, hundreds of people packed a public hearing on gun control. >> jesse was 6 years old. >> reporter: scarlet lewis brought a photograph of her 6-year-old son, jesse. he was among those killed. >> together we can turn this tragedy into the event that turned the tie. >> reporter: the bipartisan panel is considering policy changes following the december 14th massacre. many spoke in favor of new gun law, a few against. >> the lawless do not observe
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gun controls restrictions or regulations. and this leaves good and lawful citizens at an unjust disadvantage against the lawless. >> reporter: david wheeler lost his son benjamin to adam lanza's bullets that day. he argued that gun control laws must consider those who suffer mental illness >> that a person with these problems could live in a home where he had access to among the most powerful firearms available to nonmilitary personnel is unacceptable. >> reporter: many speakers received standing ovations, many of them parents of the victims. one the parent of a survivor. susan's daughter escaped a shooting inside victoria soto's classroom. >> we stop being something to be proud of when we love our guns more than we love our children. >> reporter: this was the last
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of four public hearings for the task force which will now consider writing new laws. a bay area woman goes for a walk. next thing she knows, she's hanging off a cliff! >> and killer kitties. the surprising things scientist s just discovered. >> heavy rainfall in new orleans, site of the super bowl, and all of that severe weather is heading east for us. we have sunshine and 65 degrees. why the discrepancy? how long we keep the sunshine, your 7-day forecast coming up. first, you keep sending them, we keep putting them on tv! 49ers photos. ? [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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[ male announcer ] with no blackout dates, you can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want. visit to apply. this is video of the rescuet fort funston. park rangers say first the dog went down. th the woman tried to go after -- but she fell about h below! park rangers say first the dog went over, then the woman tried to go after him, and she went over about 50 feet to the beach below. eventually, rescuers went down to ropes, retrieved the dog using a harness, and airlifted the woman you have the beach as well. her injuries were not serious. cbs 5 reporter kristen tells us your cuddly cat is one of the world's most blood-thirsty killers. >> reporter: it's the world from an outdoor cat's point of view.
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researchers at the university of georgia attached kitty cams to felines and recorded their surprisingly vilent adventures. killing -- violent adventures. >> i think of them as so loving and cuddly. >> reporter: but lauren, a pr rep, knows better. she's seen her cat in action. and her sister's cat say born hunter >> every morning, dead possums, dead birds. >> reporter: a new study found outdoor cats killed 2.4 billion birds a year, more than car accidents, pesticides, and poisons. >> my first reaction was shock. >> reporter: the golden gate autobon society has been trying to educate people for years about their cats' killer instincts. >> a lot of the folks from the humane society have been focused on the welfare of the cats
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themselves. >> we know that cats are predators. we know that they do have an impact on local populations. just how much is still to be determined. >> reporter: what they can agree on, cats are best kept indoors, not only to protect the wildlife population but to protect the cats themselves. >> this is a chance to work more closely with wildlife groups and work together on educating populations of people who have cats to keep their cats indoors. >> guard kitties on patrol! [ laughter ] >> there are hundreds of tailless lizards in my yard. >> and the treat they leave at the front door. yeah. >> little presents! >> they get hungry. it is what it is. nature. nature today gave us a lot of sunshine! another dry day. we have had 25 out of 30 january days mainly
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dry. we are dry once again. checking the stats. we check san francisco weather in two spots. sfo and downtown. downtown this will be the 3rd driest january ever. and it will be the driest ever at sfo. 80 years of weather history there. less than 1 quarter inch. upper 30s for concord, fremont, livermore. these long clear nights, the heat that we gain during the day gets reradiated into the atmosphere. we'll also have a lot of sunshine and days with highs in the 60s all the way through super bowl sunday. now that we know that high pressure is right over the top of us, when is it going to move? not for about
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five days. the northerly wind is now inland over nevada. and we'll have highs in the 60s. everything will get shunted to the south but not until next tuesday or wednesday. chilly at night, but very pleasant weather if you like to get outside. a lot of you were cyclist, joggers, this is good weather to get outdoors. mild through the super bowl. and a pattern coming next week with more rain. upon but no time soon. oakland, 67 degrees. the average is 59. san jose, 6 degrees above average. 66 for fremont. hayward 65. san ramon 64. head to the beach ! why not? low 60s. oakland , san francisco, 60s. 60s on friday, saturday. sunday may turn out to be the warmest day out of the whole stretch! next week, showers moving in wednesday. but six
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dry days between now and then. this is abnormal to have this much dry weather this time of year. jan january -- january, our second wettest month. not in 2013! >> perfect weather for cat hunting. for cats to do their hunting! >> there you go. a young 49ers fan isn't had thing a hospital stay get in the way of his super bowl plans. >> he is a heart patient at packard children's hospital in palo alto, and he's turned his room into the ultimate fan cave. the 2nd grader is hosting a big super bowl barb for his family on sunday. he even has the menu planned. >> i'm going to -- they're going to come over, my family is going to come, and we're going to watch the super bowl and eat chicken. legs. >> love those chicken legs! he'd like to be
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a play by play announcer one day, and he's already calling the score: '9ers 34, ravens zip. coming you were, why watching the super bowl is better than sex if you're trying to lose weight. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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how to lose weight. some pe say - you should spice up your love life. there are a lot of myths about how to lose weight. and some people say you should spice up your love life. >> doctor kim explains why you might want to watch the super bowl instead! >> reporter: cindy struggles with her weight. >> in terms of pounds, how much weight would you like to lose? >> probably 25-30. >> reporter: new research shows many of the diet and exercise programs the 55-year-old has tried throughout her adult life don't work >> you're advised not to lose a lot of weight too fast. that it's going to be bad for you. in fact that doesn't appear to be true. >> reporter: in fact, in the long run, fast initial weight loss is a better way to go. that's one of several obesity
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myths revealed in a new study. researchers looked at all the evidence and shed the fat lies from the facts. if you make a small change like walking 20 minutes daily or eating two extra potato chips a day, it will add up to large long-term weight changes >> you'll eventually plateau. >> reporter: another myth, that having a little sex burns up to 300 calories. fat chance! a typical encounter lasts 6 minutes, and burns only 21 calories. a man would have to have sex for a full hour to burn 200. he could burn more calories by sitting and watching the entire super bowl. other myths, breast feeding protects the infant against obesity. it does not. pe classes keep kids slim; they don't. and that you should set realistic goals so you don't get frustrated. not true. the most ambitious plans to lose weight work best.
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>> so many ways we could get into trouble! we're looking for the biggest 49 uppers super-fan. >> tons of you have been sendings us your photos. -- sending us your photos. >> this is how you celebrate a touchdown! >> and that's dad and baby, a mini-no. 63. >> eric flew out from hawaii, are having a ball. >> and the wedding day. >> e-mail your photos to us. the ravens' other linebacker grabs some attention in new orleans. and back here in the bay area, st. mary's puts its winning streak on the line against usf. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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linebacker who enjoys the spotlight... terrell suggs,- k- most entert ray lewis isn't the only ravens linebacker who enjoys the spotlight! tarell suggs, t-sizzle, provided the most entertaining press conference of the week >> yo, check it, there's no snare in my head phones. my brother called me an anglo-saxon. he woke up one more and i was just eating cold steak. steve nash back to the phoenix for the first time since back. they win 92-86, and snap the lakers' winning streak. player to the raptor rudy gay is on the move. the grizzlies have grade
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traded their leading scorer to the raptors as part of a 3-game 6-player deal. [ cheering and applause ] >> st. mary's won its 16th straight against usf. brad waldo finishes at the rim. they hang on down the stretch, 67-63. and stanford knocked off 10th ranked oregon 76-52. [ male announcer ] with citibank it's easy for jay [ wind howling ] easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank.


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